Special & Supplemental Architectural Services

  • Health/Life Safety
Health/Life Safety inspections, evaluations, and recurring inspection reports are more common than ever and are a significant part of what our team does to support local districts.
In some cases, these districts and clients are already part of our work, allowing us to help with those more efficiently.

  • Implementation
Often it is mutually beneficial for us to follow up the inspection and report with Master-planned implementation plans and documents to help keep everything on track and up to date.

  • Accessibility (ADA) & Abatement
We can also provide a multitude of architecturally related inspection and/or project management studies:
      • Accessibility studies and implementation designs.
      • Hazardous material abatement and remediation (asbestos, lead, mold, etc.

  • Storm and Safety shelters (I.S.B.E, ICC, FEMA Compliance)
      • Stand Alone or
      • Integrated Shelters

  • Expanded On-Site Observation
We have had a tremendous response from our clients to our Expanded On-Site contract administration services. It is focused on those projects and clients that see the value of having a more aggressive staff presence during the more important portions of the work. Contrasting with the common trend among most architectural firms, to reduce the number of site visits, we feel we should provide more inspections instead. As it is said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  • Roofing Design
      • Analytical & Pre-Design Services
      • Moisture Detection Services
      • Design Services
      • Project Management Services
      • Quality Control Services
      • Budgeting

  • Life Security/Active Shooter Protection
We have responded to some of our clients that have serious concerns about the growing potential for Life Security (Hostile Events/Active Shooters concerns per NFPA) and workplace violence by digging deep into the matter and earning the critical training, certification, and skill of Physical Security Professional  (PSP) from the “gold standard” American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS).

  • Physical Security Professional (PSP) Certified
We are one of the first and only firms with architectural (RA) and security (PSP) certifications.
      • This valuable certification prepares and enables us to design and manage facility Life Security implementations, where we promote gaining a comprehensive understanding of your campus security needs and installations.
      • Once we have this total understanding, we can help create a certified Masterplan of future implementations that fits your budget and fulfills your need for accountability.
      • The need for security planning is highly variable, unique per client, locale and project, even emotional like all felt needs, however the need for Life Security, however NFPA, IBC, OSHA, FEMA, DHS, and other associations and regulators are beginning to create codes and recommendations that will influence the facilities in the future (new and existing).

  • Expanded Interior Design
We can provide and/or manage Expanded Interior Design services for special decoration needs that include activities beyond typical minor finish and color selections that include:
      • Floor finish borders and designs,
      • Special ceiling design soffits, coffers, and clouds,
      • Architectural lighting design, with special fixture selection and lighting controls, etc.
      • Cabinet and casework design
      • Branding/company colors/logo coordination and adaptation
      • Wayfinding signage and special signage implementation.

  • Definitions
Life Security: Distinguished from Life Safety and Fire Safety, it deals with the protection of occupants from Hostile Events/Active Shooters through appropriate design, materials, technology, and operations.

Master-planning: Often associated with the campus site (but not necessarily limited in that way), it is concerned with the comprehensive evaluation and planning of new or renovation work in a phased and orderly manner. Commonly addressing a long-range plan of action and associated budgeting processes. (i.e., used to coordinate the location, timing budgeting of adding a new building and the associated parking area to be compatible with driveway expansions)

Special Services: We consider supplemental services such as Accessibility Studies, Health/Life Safety Surveys, Bleacher Inspections, Structural/Condition Inspections, and Life Security Design/Program Management as somewhat non-traditional services.

Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the leading fire safety association throughout the country, has recently provided NFPA 3000(PS) to provide coordinate direction to an emergency responder. Additionally, they have provided NFPA 730 Guide for Premises Security and are becoming the foundational example of other model codes and requirements to come (like the ICC-IBC).