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The Upchurch Group

Providing Successful Architecture Solutions 
Through Creative Design & Applied Wisdom

Since 1968, the Upchurch Group, strategically located in Mattoon, Illinois, is a distinguished provider of comprehensive, "multi-disciplined" architecture and engineering services. Our offerings span a diverse range, including Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Structural, Civil, and Land Surveying solutions. Our clients benefit from the unparalleled value of having access to our full spectrum of disciplines, designed to meet the unique demands of architecture in Central Illinois.


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Founded in 1968 by the visionary James B. Upchurch, our firm has maintained an unbroken legacy of exceptional service that extends to the present day. This enduring contribution has cemented our status not only as a staple in the Central Illinois architecture landscape but also as a veritable "landmark" within the region and beyond. Our longstanding presence and impact in Illinois are testaments to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of architecture and engineering.


Since our inception, The Upchurch Group has had the privilege of partnering with a multitude of clients, delivering an even greater number of projects thanks to the loyalty of repeat clients and the management of multiple projects. Our architectural and engineering expertise has left a significant mark across Mattoon, Coles County, the broader Central Illinois region, and throughout the state. This extensive portfolio underscores our firm's pivotal role in shaping the architectural landscape of Central Illinois, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to meet diverse client needs with precision and professionalism.

Staff Capabilities

Our team of highly skilled professionals, brings together a diverse and rich tapestry of experiences that collectively offer a vast breadth of knowledge, expertise, and perspective. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to address the complex demands of architecture in Central Illinois with innovative solutions and unparalleled proficiency. Our staff's capabilities ensure that we are equipped to navigate the intricacies of each project, delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations in the dynamic field of architecture and engineering.


Our approach prioritizes collaboration with our clients' teams, ensuring our processes are aligned and integrated. This strategy aims to achieve outstanding results efficiently and cost-effectively, surpassing client expectations and setting a high standard in Central Illinois architecture.


As a locally owned and operated firm, we're an essential part of our community and region. Living and working here, we embody hometown America's values and traditions, equipped with the expertise to tackle any challenge.


As society and culture evolve, we commit to staying informed about contemporary practices and adapting our methods accordingly.


Located in Mattoon, IL, The Upchurch Group stands out for its unwavering focus on client satisfaction, supported by a team that is both dedicated and inventive. With an average tenure of around 18 years among our staff—some of whom have been with us for over 30 years—our experience deepens when factoring in prior professional backgrounds.

Plan Room Bidding Services

Our Plan Room streamlines the process of document handling, including viewing, publishing, management, ordering, and distribution. It serves as a central hub for sharing revisions, updates, and agendas. Simply click on "Plan Room" at the top of the page to access this portal in a new window.