• Materials Testing
  • Multi-Disciplined Engineering Services
  • Multi-Disciplined Engineering Services
  • Multi-Disciplined Engineering Services

Materials Testing

Materials testing is a somewhat unseen but vital part of virtually every project. It is a foundational requirement of structural safety, durability, and quality.

Prompt and accurate sample gathering and testing are a critical requirement for quality control as well as maintaining a construction schedule and controlling costs.

Soils and Aggregate Testing

  • IDOT certified soils and aggregate laboratory
  • Standard Proctor (ASTM 698)
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing
  • Modified Proctor (ASTM 1557)
  • Static and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing
  • Nuclear Density Testing
  • Unwashed and Washed Sieve Analysis
  • Moisture Content of soils and aggregates

Hot Mix Asphalt Testing

  • Hot Mix Asphalt Field DensitiesHot Mix Asphalt Laboratory Control
  • IDOT trained Personnel
  • Troxler and Humboldt nuclear gauge safety certified technicians

Portland Cement Concrete Testing

  • IDOT trained Personnel
  • Certified PCC Laboratory
  • On-site sampling, slump testing & air entrainment testing
  • Laboratory compressive strength testing
  • On-site flexural strength testing of beams
  • Laboratory compressive strength testing

Additional Consulting Services We can Coordinate and Manage

  • Weld testing
  • Thermal imagery
  • Acoustical (Sound qualities and disturbance)
  • Floor Flatness

When you need Material Testing Services allow The Upchurch Group, with over 50 years of experience, to assist you. Please contact us today for more information.