Multi-Disciplined Engineering Services (MEPFpS)

We are a multi-disciplinary architecture and engineering firm specializing in a comprehensive range of services including Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Structural Engineering. Our MEPFpS services cater to a variety of project needs, ensuring high-quality, integrated solutions for any challenge. Additionally, we manage a diverse array of specialty consulting disciplines such as geotechnical engineering, security alarm systems, acoustical, and audio-visual services. Partner with us to leverage our expert engineering solutions and achieve exceptional results for your projects.

The Upchurch Group Inc. offers multi-disciplined engineering capabilities, both in-house and through select engineering consultants. These services can be integrated into our comprehensive architecture and engineering services package or provided as consulting services to other architects. Our approach ensures seamless integration of engineering expertise, enhancing the overall scope and quality of your projects.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering Services focus on the inspection, evaluation, and design of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Mechanical systems play a pivotal role in energy conservation and maintaining environmental health within our facilities. Professionally designed and adequately implemented HVAC systems enhance comfort, increase energy efficiency, and ensure healthier indoor environments. Rely on our expertise in mechanical engineering to optimize your building's systems for superior performance and sustainability.

Multi Disciplined Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Our Electrical Engineering Services encompass the inspection, evaluation, and design of electrical systems, playing a crucial role in efficient energy usage. Properly designed electrical systems and fixtures are fundamental to energy efficiency and overall wellbeing. They provide functional, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing illumination. Trust our expertise in electrical engineering to enhance the performance and sustainability of your electrical infrastructures.

Plumbing Engineering

Our Plumbing Engineering Services specialize in the inspection, evaluation, and design of plumbing systems, contributing to efficient water resource control and sewer distribution management. Effective water use and conservation are pivotal elements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building approaches. By integrating advanced plumbing engineering practices, we help buildings achieve superior environmental performance and sustainability. Trust our expertise to enhance your building’s efficiency and compliance with green building standards.


Plumbing Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Our Fire Protection Engineering Services encompass the inspection, evaluation, and design of comprehensive fire protection systems, including fire sprinklers/suppression and fire alarm systems. As a specialized field of engineering, it closely relates to plumbing and electrical design, as well as Life Safety concerns that involve fire department regulations. Engage our expert fire protection engineering solutions to ensure your building meets the highest standards of safety and compliance, effectively safeguarding against fire hazards.

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering Services encompass the inspection, evaluation, and design of structural systems, which are integral to architecture. Serving as the "skeleton and foundation" of any building, structural engineering addresses everything from basic needs to extreme requirements such as earthquake and tornado resilience. By focusing on robust and reliable structural solutions, we ensure that buildings are not only safe but also capable of withstanding severe environmental challenges. Trust our expertise in structural engineering to enhance the durability and functionality of your projects.